About me

I am Marco Montanari, a coder, developer, software architect, project manager, visionary. Simply put, I'm a strange engineer who loves Artificial Intelligence, Philosophy, Sociology, Theology. And I love urbanistics and architecture (because both are expressions of the previous list). Why three names? MMo.IT was my first domain, bought in 2004. Then came twitter, and my persona became @ingmmo. In the meanwhile in most social networks I took the name sirmmo.


Where I am

I live in Castel Maggiore, Italy, and work near Bologna. I've been living in Germany for 5 years in Kleinheppach, near Stuttgart.
Beside that I love to travel, possibly with conferences:

What I talk about

I have a few topics I love to talk about. These are Music, Art, Cinema, Sociology, Smart City, Open Data (and Open Museum Data), Transparency, Software architecture.
From my Citizen MMo blog (mostly in Italian):

What I do

I'm a developer, so when I work, i develop, while when I don't work, I develop again. My repos: github, bitbucket. Here is my knowledge graph with the projects I work[ed] on:

What I teach

What I read

What I play